Satoru Iwata Miiverse Tribute Doodle

Satoru Iwata wasn’t just the president of Nintendo but also a gamer at heart. Because of him we are now able enjoy titles such as Balloon Fight, Pokemon Red/Blue, Earthbound, and Super Smash Bros. just to name a few.

A down to earth person who worked his way up by developing fun and unique ways to play. He revolutionized the industry with innovation and creativity while being responsible for two of Nintendo’s top selling systems with the DS as well as the Wii. A programming genius who lost the fight to cancer at the age of 55 will forever be remembered by millions worldwide for the legacy he has left behind. Thank You Iwata for everything and directly giving me a childhood worth remembering, you shall be missed.

Fun Facts: I was streaming Fatal Frame on my Twitch account when one of the viewers informed me of Mr. Iwata’s passing and it caught me off guard, I wasn’t expecting to hear such news at the time. Other then that, my computer ran out of space toward’s the end of this recording and made the file unreadable to my editing software.. so it was quite a pain to get it to work. I ended up streaming the entire 8 hours of doodling once again and downloaded them that way. Twas worth it though, I hope you enjoy that Meta Kirby tune as well… it’s quite awesome.


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