Shenmue (DC) – Slovak Mountain Man

Our journey begins with Shenmue, not only one of the greatest games on the Dreamcast but one of the most beloved upon fans around the world.

So join my lovely self as we step into the world of Shenmue and prepare ourselves for a mighty adventure.


Fun Facts: Leave comments believe if you enjoyed this video and the way I edited it. Should I continue uploading Shenmue parts onto Youtube? If so, how often would people like to see them? Each live stream is about 5 – 6 hours long so that turned into about 4 videos, my plan is to upload 4 a week plus my regular type of videos. In other words, that’s 5 videos a week….. oh my…. if there’s anything you would like improved or want to send feedback then type it all below, I want to know. Also, join in on the Twitch streams to watch live and maybe you’ll be in the videos as well.

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