(24 HOUR SPLATFEST (Team Cats Won….)

The first ever Splatoon Splatfest was extremely fun and the 24 hours just flew by as I streamed this entire event o Twitch and chatted among some lovely individuals.

Watch the entire 24 Hour Twitch Stream here:

You had to choose either Team Cat or Dog and compete against one another to see which side consists of the better player’s overall. Twas fun and I’m excited for the next one. Stay Fresh.

Fun Facts: Splatfest was awesome even though I felt dead after the 24 hour stream. I still feel that Cats were cheated out of our victory because Dog’s had more people…. The Super Sea Snails are nice too but I’m not sure if I’ll really use them. Either way, Cats won and Squibbles was proud. Oh, I also made that Kitty Doodle before Splatfest started but unfortunately it was posted on the wrong Miiverse community and didn’t appear in the game…. oh well.


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