Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP) Ending

SPOILERS: I finally beat Crisis Core after a 2-3 year break from it…. that ending was so beautiful, to bad Twitch had to ruin it by muting the best part….

*Play Time: 20 Hours 05 Minutes (03/10/13 – 07/01/15)

Beating this game made me appreciate the Final Fantasy VII Lore and all it’s beauty, so many manly tears have fallen upon this day and that ending…… I’m even more hyped for the Final Fantasy VII Remake now, it’s going to be amazing and worth the wait. Fun Fact: I started my save file in 2013, playing only about an hour before continuing the story a few days ago… I’ve been missing out on so much.

[Recorded On July 7, 2015]


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