E3 2015 HYPE (Live Reaction Stream) Highlights

The hype was so real during E3 of 2015, it was amazinggggg. There were so many titles announced and new exclusives revealed, I had to change my undies a few times.

Instead of having to sit through hours of conferences one again, I put together the best of the best moments from my Twitch stream as my broski and I enjoyed E3 2015. Victory goes to Sony as of 2015 but the others weren’t bad either.

Fun Facts: Twitch allowed streamers to broadcast E3 this year which was amazing and allowed me to view this event with my followers. I usually watch E3 on my own but streaming it was quite fun. There were plenty more games shown during this but I just showcased the one’s I’m most interested in but feel free to write below anything you found fancy. I was rather disappointed that Nintendo kind of sucked this year…. and that “Metroid” game isn’t really what I was expecting. No mention of Mario Galaxy 3 either…. oh well. There were also plenty of Horror games that weren’t shown but the amount of RPG’s made up for that… hmmmm all in all Sony won the conference in my heart with Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII, and Shenmue 3 reveal. I also had the chance to view Sony’s E3 conference in the theater but it was showing at 8pm on a Monday in a theater about 2 hours from me…. so there was no way I was able to get there… which sucks because the hype would have been out of this world.


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