IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING…. Shenmue 3 (Live Reaction E3 2015)

SHENMUE 3!!!!!!!! It’s finally being made to conclude the story of the other two games after about 14 years of waiting…..

What an amazing way to announce this badboy. Sony dominated E3 and I can’t wait to play these, the HYPE IS SO REAL.

The more money raised, the bigger the game will be…Support the KickStarter:

Fun Facts: I wasn’t expecting any of the announcements let alone Shenmue 3, Sony blew everyone out of the water during their E3 presentation and it was amazing. I believe the KickStarter was made by Sony to see how much of a following Shenmue still has before funding the game themselves. It broke records by reaching $2 million within 9 hours and the numbers continue to grow, I believe Shenmue 3 will become the most funded project on KickStarter to date. What a great time to be a gamer.


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