DREAM’S DO COME TRUE… Final Fantasy VII: Remake (Live Reaction E3 2015)

IT’S REAL AND IT’S HAPPENING, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, after so many years of silence and trolling…. we are finally getting what we have been waiting for.

I am really excited to see how Sephiroth is going to look ooooooo man this game is going to be like playing Advent Children…. so much hype and I can’t contain it. Sony stole the show during E3 2015…… nothing but games, exclusives, and new IP’s… it was amazing.

Fun Facts: I was streaming E3 on Twitch with my broski and nearly had a heart attack due to all of the excitement, my words couldn’t form and I was squealing like a little school girl on Christmas. My brain turned to mush, I think the red feather may have been Sephiroth but the first thing that came to mind was Red XIII. I even managed to get some free Playstation Experience tickets meaning that I would have been able to watch Sony’s E3 Event in the theaters (Nobody wanted to drive me 2 hours to the location….). Wow, what a way to steal E3 once again Playstation, that was amazing…. The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Shenmue 3 were just a few of the many awesome things they revealed…. Oh My Glob.

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