Splatoon Stream Highlights/Outfit Reaction

Quite an awesome game Splatoon is and what makes it better is that I received a Free Squirt Gun and even created this costume of mine to go alongside it.

Many people gave me either the death stare or laughed. Good times. I’m officially a squid now

Fun Facts: Splatoon continues to receive updates that make the game even awesomer such as the new weapons and Ranked Mode. That being said, I bought the game from Target and was given a free squirt gun to go along with it, nice nice. I also walked around a couple of stores in my Squid outfit but I think I was scaring everybody away as they didn’t want to even look me in the eyes, funny stuff. Not only that but the same cashier was present when I bought my materials a few weeks back and I think I made her day better by showing up in the outfit.


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