The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC) Collector’s Edition Unboxing – SMM Eps. 29

Twas quite the adventure trying to get this badboy from almost being bodyslammed by a homeless man to causing a car accident….. but I made it out alive.

This behemoth of a box is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition and the PC version is selling like hotcakes online but luckily we snagged it for retail price. This game is going to be the bee’s knees on my broski’s new computer but for now enjoy this unboxing.

Fun Facts: I woke up early and took the bus to an unknown location to the mall with a GameStop that was the only one with a low stock of this Collector’s Edition. That was the easy part…. the employee had one left in stock but it was reserved for a customer and told me to wait about 30 minutes, if they don’t pick it up then the item is mine. Unfortanately the lady did appear at full speed and bought it for her husband so I strolled my lovely self to a variety of stores which is when I spent about 2 hours walking the wrong way before realizing that I need to turn back. During this walk I stumbled upon a number of people that gave me a thumbs up for wearing my Zelda shirt (Good Times), one guy even lowered his window quickly while waiting for the red light just to yell out that I am awesome. As I continued to wave amd smie to people, a very suspicious man wanted me to stop by and “talk” (I swear my “goods” are homemade but he must have smelled them from a mile away), he seemed rather odd so I just carried on walking. Then I realized that I have made my way to the wrong part of town and turned back which led to a lovely 10 second chat with a toothless homeless guy that started following me around so hopefully he enjoyed that little encounter. I was quite tired by the time of my return to that mall and I just realized that the bus finally came back so I ran my smelly self across the street (Some cars had to make a break for it and almost crashed into one another…..) but I made it to the bus on time. Once returning home, I told my tale and went to snooze with an alarm on for an Ebay listing in the morning but woke up an hour earlier and noticed Amazon had restocked on the PC version of the Collector’s Set and just like that managed to get it for a $100 less. What a day, also Mad max was amazing so go watch it in the theater while you still can.


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