Splatoon is just around the corner and I finished my costume on time, I’m about to become a Squid now…. but that’s not the only thing sneaking up on us.

That’s right ladies and gentleworms, we somehow have reached 100 subscribers on this badboy which is quite hardcore if I do say so myself so I raise a jug to 100 more fellow oddballs in the future.

Fun Facts: I would like to thank my momma, my papa, and my turtle for this great honor….. and the fellow oddballs of Youtube. I’m not sure where these numbers appear from but it’s awesome, I’ve been editing more videos these pass few weeks which is why they are only appearing now so worry not faithful viewers. Also, the insanity of making this Splatoon outfit was crazy but it turned out swell in the end so make sure to stop by on release day to my Twitch stream for our first look at the full game. I didn’t know what questions to answer during this video so I just talked about my lovely self and flinged out a few personal goods that might not have been known about me, hopefully it’s good enough but you are always welcome to leave comments below. I’d like to know what future videos people would like to see or the type of things they enjoy from my channel or just tell me how you are doing on this lovely day if you so choose to. As for the materials used to make this badboy: I had Black/White Spray Paint, White Pastel Pencil, White Acrylic Paint, Shiny Orange Satin Fabric, White Bubbled Fleece Fabric, Black Foam Board, and a Black Shirt. Everything else was created by me on the computer from the outline of my Mask, Squid Imprint, Tentacle Hat, and Ears. I also plan to pick up Splatoon in store with my costume on so hopefully that turns out to be pretty funny and I don’t melt from the heat.


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