Splatoon (Global TestFire) Stream Highlights

Are you ready to get SPLOOSHED? On May 8/9th, Nintendo had a rather fishy idea with their new I.P. and decided to Demo out Splatoon for the whole world to see.

There were a total of 3 specific times where the servers went online for testing an hour’s worth of inking. It was quite an enjoyable experience and definitely a very unique game that shall soon make it’s way into my collection within the next few weeks for online multiplayer action.

Fun Facts: I played all three of the Splatoon GlobalTestFires and couldn’t get enough of this game. It is so awesome and Nintendo made the right move with this Demo. I want to play more of it but it comes out in a few weeks so the wait begins. Streaming it on Twitch was fun as well and many viewers were playing along side me. If anyone isn’t sure whether to buy it or not then take a yonder at some gameplay videos or hopefully try it out at a friends house because Splatoon is a good one. I did encounter a few errors and even a glitch but other than that, everything ran beautifully smooth and greasy sweet. This game is insane, intense, and all over the place but I recommend it from the Demo alone to all Wii U owners I wanted to have this video out by Sunday so there are a few editing mistakes overlooked at the beginning so don’t mind those…..


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