Steven Universe Miiverse Doodle

What better way to chill after some intense episodes of Steven Universe then to make a Miiverse doodle?

If you haven’t seen the show by now then you are missing out because it is quite a good one and recommended to all. This badboy took around 6 hours to draw however….. twas worth it.
May The 4th Be With You…. To celebrate National Star Wars Day/ The Force Awakens/ and a new Battlefront game, i decided to doodle Darth Vader on Miiverse with the lovely Wii U Gamepad. It only took about 4 Hours to complete and turned out pretty awesome.

Fun Facts: Aside from Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and The Amazing World of Gumball….. Steven universe is one of the few shows I like to regularly stay up to date with. From the awesome tunes to beautiful story, it has a way of flinging things at you like nobodies business. If you have yet to see it then do yourself a favor and watch a few episodes from the beginning…. I guarantee you shall like it or your money back.


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