LIGHTNING SPEED – Mario Kart 8 200 CC/DLC Packs

Breaking is CRUCIAL in the new 200 CC class of Mario Kart 8 as Phil, Pap, and I play through some of the new DLC Pack which includes a variety of Animal Crossing themed levels.

Fun Facts: The new 200 CC class in Mario Kart 8 is insanely fast and requires a good number of breaking to work properly which makes it almost impossible on some of the more curved courses. Then there is the DLC Pack 2 for those Animal Crossing badboys which includes new playable characters such as Villager, Isabelle, and Dry Bowser. Margaret’s story toward’s the end is based on a true story I swear… I’m testing out a fancy new setup so there may be a few glitches every now and then but other then that, it was quite fun to play on multiplayer once again with both Phil and Pap.


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