Blast From The Past: NES Unboxing – SMM Eps. 26

As an early Christmas present for all you fellow oddballs, I fling out a never before seen video of the Slovak Mountain Man as he receives his first NES.

Twas an awkward yet beautiful experience to watch my younger yet snazzy self dive into the unknown world of power… NINTENDO POWERRRR.

Fun Fact: I think the NES unboxing video was originally recorded about 4 years ago maybe…. who knows. What I do know though is that my lovely self was home alone as this badboy arrived so it was perfect timing….. except for the fact that the power has been out for a few days now and I couldn’t play anything. Since then, I’ve tried each one of those games and more but my favorite shall always be Crystalis. It is such an awesome RPG and I’ve tried multiple times to beat it but my save data completely erases itself and that just sucks. In other words, have a swell holiday and tell me in the comments about any awesome Christmas memories.


2 thoughts on “Blast From The Past: NES Unboxing – SMM Eps. 26

    1. Hoi Goldenworking, I haven’t seen a comment on here in years but the NES is pretty awesome. That video above was abit bootleg though but I have alot of fun with this console even to this day


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