How I Almost Lost A Leg

This is a short tale for the ages…. one that dates back a few years ago when I was a younger lad in my early days. Twas a day like no other and I’ve never been the same since then.

Fun Fact: Changing tire rim’s while speaking about a lovely tale sure is the way to go, am I right? I thought so…. but it is almost that time of year again so I wore my Christmas hat for the occasion. Now about the tale, this happened a few years ago when my friends and I were recording another video for our Video Production class. I wanted to make a zombie’s (Me) head get run over by a vehicle…. which was an awesome idea if things worked out as planned. I mean… my head was under the tire for awhile as well as the melon right after so it should have been swell. Can you imagine if my head got squished? That would have made for quite the footage…. but as I was saying, the melon kept slipping away from the tire and when we finally got it crushed… my pal almost went to far. Luckily, pal 2 stopped it right before running over my leg and crushing the camera…. good times. A police officer also stopped us to ask if everything was ok… so I turned my head slowly with blood oozing out of every pore with lifeless eyes and said “Thing’s are just dandy”. Credit’s Roll.


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