Mario Kart 8 Multiplayer Highlights

It is another awesome Highlight video but this time with Pappy T once again, we had quite the funny time as each one of us tried to take one another down and end up victorious with the princess in hand. Twas beautiful.

Fun Fact: This video took a million years to convert from .flv to .mp4 which is why it was not uploaded on the previous Saturday…. and for doing such a thing, I shall try to upload 3… yes count them… 3 videos this week which should be pretty awesome so we shall see how that goes. Pap and I had a swell time with some Mario Kart 8 action and my new Twitch layout turned out to be a hit. I probably should have streamed this…. but the hypeness got to me and I forgot. There was even a crazy giant fly terrorizing us as we drove through our peaceful yet chaotic races.


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