Far Cry 4: Kyrat Edition Unboxing – SMM Eps. 25

Here is the one and only Far Cry 4: Kyrat Edition Unboxing video as the Slovak Mountain Man invites a special guest to join in on the action…..

He was seen in countless videos, cheered on by many fans, and even appeared during a number of Twitch streams…. the one…. the only….very own Pappy T. Join us on this strange yet funny opening as we embark on a journey through one of this year’s most anticipated games yet.

Fun Facts: Pappy T and I went to the midnight for Far Cry 4 and received a number of goodies such as a few GTA V Posters, Watch Dogs Poster, and Call Of Booty Patch which were all pretty snazzy. No free drinks or pizza though like there was during the GTA V midnight release but it’s all good. It was quite cold but our journey was an easy one as all we had to do was show up with our numbered receipt and pick up the Kyrat Edition right there and then. I even flinged in the bloopers at the end of this video because many fails have occurred such as forgetting the SD Card, falling into a hole, or flinging out the almighty beef stinker.

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