Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Stream Highlights

Will you survive the terror or go home in need of some new trousers? As this is my lovely self during a Twitch stream having a heart attack with Five Night’s At Freddy’s 2.

It was like yesterday where we were just changing into our fifth pair of undies after beating the first game earlier this summer. This spooky horror sequel was suppose to be released in 2015 but Bam Shalam we got it early ladies and gentlemen so have your tissues ready as it is guaranteed that many manly tears will shed.

Fun Facts: Similar to Five Night’s At Freddy’s 2, I played the first game on Twitch with all the lovely viewers as well. I didn’t know anything about this badboy so it was really fun to see how everybody there tried their best to help me finish the game. We even reached a record of 30 viewers watching, twas a good one and I even made a separate Stream Highlight’s Video for that as well. During this playthrough though, I did not make it pass Night 5 (It took around 4 hours to do the same in the first game) but instead died around 40 times from the variety of new animatronics like a boss. What is crazy about the second game is that the door no longer closes and we have to worry about this mysterious Music Box….. what ever you do…. do not let that Music Box stop playing….. or you too will have to put diapers on your eyes like this hairy hunk of meat. This game is awesome though so I shall do my best and not take 3 centuries to amillion years and body slam each robotic demon in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. But there is something steaming up in here so be warned….. as Foxy has the hots for me so you may be next as well. Good luck young apprentices and may the triforce be with you.

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