The Pumpkin

Here is another awesomely random video with my lovely self as I spent a week carving out the Night Of The Living Dead poster on a pumpkin only to find out that the poor fella was murdered immediately after, how could this be.

Fun Facts: The pumpkin was carved for my Halloween stream on Twitch and turned out really awesome after I recarved it the 2nd time. That badboy stayed in my room for a week and began to turn moldy and fell apart. So I had a brilliant idea of smashing that creature oh no not by a hammer but instead running it over with a vehicle. I think it turned out as cheesy as possible and the pumpkin went flying everywhere. I thought it would stay in place when flattened and then would have chunks flying all over the place but instead, it just splattered everywhere. Twas especially awesome when the Random Scooter Dude appeared out of nowhere so I added him to the end of the video.


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