Thoughts On Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo – SMM Eps. 22

Nintendo was kind enough to offer a select few Club Nintendo Platinum Members the Super Smash Bros. Demo for the 3DS a week earlier then everybody else.

They will have to wait alittle while but until then I chat about how awesome it is so far.

Fun Fact: Nintendo was having an 8 hour long Twitch Stream on Smash Bros. and a few other games so once the news spread that people are recieving free demo codes, I asked somebody if they can share one with me and they were so kind to do so. The demo is awesome and allows 5 characters to be playable under a 2 minute time limit. They are Mario, Link, Pikachu, MegaMan, and Villager… all with 4 costumes so far. The playable stage is none other then Battlefield and allows for either Normal or Form Mode depending on how you would like the arena to appear. Also, if you have friends with a 3DS of their own then they too can join for some multiplayer action but I don’t so Solo will do for now. I decided to record this video outside and walk around because I wanted to.


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