Adventure Time Birthday

Here’s a little something something I created after spending about a week learning how to play the ukulele, it was worth it and quite the cheesy idea but I like making tunes. Twas inspired by Adventure Time’s All Warmed Up Inside.

Oh M’ Lady, You’re Pretty Cool
I Really Want To Hold You Closely
Even When You Drool

Cause I Like Your Smell
Your Beauty As Well
Oh Can’t You Tell?

That I Want Nothing More Then To Make You Happy
To See You Smile, Laugh, And Grin Right At Me
Cause I Really Like The Way You Are
You’re My Single Most Shining Star

And I Want Us To Be Together
Just You And Me Here Forever
So What Do You Say, Show Me Your Face
It’s The Only Thing That Makes My Heart Race

I Feel All Warmed Up Inside
I Have No More Left To Hide
Since These Words I Sing Are True
They Are Only Meant For Youuuuuu

Fun Facts: That is quite the description for this video… but I spent a week learning how to master the almighty Uke and conquer the world with my magical tunes. It was fun to learn and turned out pretty swell if I do say so myself. I like to create tunes myself and switch things up after hearing the original… so this one was with Adventure Time because it’s an awesome show. The chords used are from “All Warmed Up Inside”. I even wore my Bob Thunder shirt (The one I won and wore in How To Catch A Thief) backwards with a star taped to it so I can kind of look like Lumpy Space Princess… all part of the plan. I tried making BMO sing as well with magic.


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