How I Spewed On My Teacher

Here is a lovely tale from my childhood about How I Spewed On My Teacher, it is a good one and quite funny.

I also ask anyone viewing to decide whether they would prefer my videos to be recorded with the GoPro (Wider View) or the Canon 7D (Narrower View).

Fun Fact: I have finally retrieved my camera back after almost being without it for about a year…. my poor baby. That is the reason why I ask if others would like me to record with the Canon 7D more but then again I would be limited to making only 12 minute videos and my background wouldn’t be as visible meaning that if I change something… then it wouldn’t be noticed. Other then that, here is a story that happened to me many moons ago as a toddler during school. It was a good time and I have plenty more if anybody wants to hear them.


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