Best Buy’s Super Smash Bros. Smash Fest – SMM Ep. 14

In this awesome video, you get to see just how swell the Super Smash Bros. Smash fest at Best Buy in Illinois was from when I arrived at about 12:30 pm to the exciting Demo finally opening after anxiously waiting for about 4 hours.

Fun Fact: I went to the Best Buy Smash Fest Event with my brother and did not know that the Demo would start at 4pm. So instead of leaving, we chilled in line with only 10 people ahead of us and spent the remaining hours chatting with fellow fans about various games. It was an awesome experience to play Super Smash Bros. a few months earlier on the Wii U and there was even the 3DS version floating around but only for the folks farther back in line. I was also told that the Preorder Collector’s Coin was to be mailed to us which is incorrect because it will be available on release day for each version of Smash Bros. as long as we hang onto the receipts. While editing, I thought it would be quite funny to see how many times the word “Y’Know” is said because it happens often and is kind of a habit of mine… which explains the counter at the top..


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