Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WII U) Ending

What an amazing and must have game on the Wii U, being an enormous Donkey Kong Country fan since my childhood…. Tropical Freeze is the perfect blend of old DK difficulty with new elements added along. Also, it’s multiplayer… and one of the most brutal examples of co-op I’ve seen, working together is key as this game takes no mercy, especially not with the end world bosses. I can’t recommend this gem enough for fans of satisfyingly hard platforming, fun multiplayer elements, and challenging gameplay.

It makes each level feel like a mini victory and don’t even get me started on those bosses. I had to play them a few million times before finally being victorious. The music and scenery are gorgeous, there’s not much to say besides the loading screens can take awhile. This game is basically everything you would want to be in the Donkey Kong Country series.

*Play Time: 35 hours 52 minutes (04/27/14 – 05/15/14) with 76% complete [Received Hard Mode/100% on 10/20/15]

[Recorded On May 15, 2014]


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