Happy Sonic Underground Birthday

Can it be another professional tune? Why yes, yes it is and only the best of the best as I blast to the past with another awesome masterpiece. Sing along with these swell lyrics.

What happened
Things went all swell
Later on you choose to rebel
I wanted to help
But it’s far to late
The answer was no
Then comes the hate
Why’d you do this to me
Maybe now you’ll see
That all I wanted was to be your pal

The metal gods
Took me in
Saw the hair grow from my chin
They asked me, child
Stick out your hand
We know the pain, we understand
Join us now, here is our plan
Sing another song
For your friends birthday
Alot has happened, so maybe one day
You change your mind and reply with hey
Your words can sting but I don’t care for that
Have an awesome day


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