My Miiverse Doodles – SMM Ep. 8

In this awesome episode, I show many of the doodles I have made on Miiverse using the Wii U and 3DS. Most of them are related to The Legend of Zelda so if you like that then sit back and enjoy.

Fun Fact: Many of these doodles take awhile to make and I try to fling at least one a day for my fellow followers. Also there have been times when my creations were erased because I accidentally pressed the Home Button which closes Miiverse and takes you back to the Menu. It sucks but dodging that button has become my new skill. While recording this video for the millionth try, I became distracted by the blue blinking light and thought it was pretty funny as one of my Wii U friends tried calling me so that part stayed in there as well right before my camera died.


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