Spooky Gaming Memories and Recommendations – SMM Ep. 4

Howdy and welcome to another awesome episode of Slovak Mountain Man. In this video I shall be taking a yonder at some games that have spooked me throughout the years.

I also fling in some recommendations if you like to watch horror films or even read about some terrifying things. So take a look at this badboy and make sure to leave in the comments what games, movies, or books you would recommend to other people.

Fun Fact: I recorded this video maybe 8 times and each time the duration kept getting shorter so it was kind of like a game to tell as much information to all in around 10 minutes. I didn’t want to make the video to long which is why I did that. there are some other games as well that have spooked me out such as Silent Hill or The Calling but I must have forgot to add those in there. Either way I cn talk more about each game in other videos if people want. So chill away and feast upon the candy because more videos are coming in the future.


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