Games That Have Impacted My Life – SMM Ep. 3

In this video, I shall take a yonder at some games that have had a huge impact ever since my childhood.

More could have been added here but I have to many memories to include for one video. These are one’s that have turned me into the gamer I am today and hopefully sound awesome enough for people viewing this.

Fun Fact: I’ve tried making this video around 6 times now and each time would find out that the videos were 30 minutes long. After removing a few games from the table, it is now around 16 minutes. That being said, I haven’t slept for around a day and a half but decide to record that video so i can put it up on time for all the viewers. So play all these because they are awesome and don’t mind me, I was quite tired so it might not look like I’m pumped for these games but I was. Click on Bart for a sneaky video.

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