Legend Of The Undying Stone: The Chiller

All was fine until the mysterious figure in black appeared on my doorstep…..

Throughout October, I shall be uploading a complete 3 parts to this Halloween special so watch them in order, sliding down your spin on a rainy day is Part 1: The Chiller, then creeps up from behind will be Part 2: The Shocker, and after many heart attacks will finally arrive Part 3: The Gore Fest. I hope they turn out awesome so stay tuned ghouls and germs for a show you do not want to miss.

Fun Fact: I will try to go all out and insane with these 3 parts so expect the next one to be uploaded a week from today. It was difficult making The Chiller because I used a GoPro taped onto my old school cassette playing camera, the result turned quite awesome as I had many angles to choose from but syncing the audio was a stab in the rear. Many all nighters have also been pulled to get this up on time.


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