Wind Waker HD Limited Edition With Ganondorf Figurine – SMM Ep. 2

Hello again to another episode of Slovak Mountain Man Of Gaming. Today I shall be showing the Wind Waker HD Limited Edition Bundle that came with an awesome Ganondorf figurine and a physical copy of the game.

The remake is so awesome and well done, I recommend everyone to play it. Check out my live stream as well to see what the gameplay looks like.

Fun Fact: This was my fifth try at making the video. The original one was going to be an unboxing but there were many difficulties so that idea went down the toilet. Then the other attempts I would talk about the game for to long and the video would go over 8 minutes. There is alot i wanted to say about this game as it is my favorite in the Legend Of Zelda franchise. So I tried keeping it short while giving away some information.


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