Actor Interview Project (Video Production 2012)

After years of dormant, it is time to release this cheesy interview project staring Sylvester Stallone (Pistol Pete) and Wayne/Garth (Matchbox/Jakub) from my Video Production class. This was recorded around April 4th, 2012 before I decided to put it into the wild here.

Fun Fact: In this Interview Project, the goal was to ask some actors a number of questions and record it here…… so Pistol Pete became Sylvester Stallone, while Matchbox and I were the main characters from Wayne’s World….. whereas Fredward the slacker was just the interviewer. I actually bought the Boxing Gloves and Wayne’s Hat just for this video. It’s cheesy as the Gun Show only survived with but one episode har. The intro was also made by me…… Everything in total took about a day from start to finish, which is why this is quite rough to watch.


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