Ed Gein: Serial Klller Project (Forensic’s 2012)

The story of Ed Gein….. has never been so real. This is just so happens to be a cheesy Serial Killer video that was created for my Forensic’s Class Project on March 3, 2012.

Fun Fact: The teacher gave us the entire semester to complete this….. but I spent one day editing and recording this beauty which still resulted in an A. It’s cheesy and not the bestest video I have ever created but twas fun. During the week of presentations, that same teacher pulled out each class members name randomly from a hat….. during that time, I managed to not only successfully finish my book report about his motives but also create a ten page essay on Ed Gein’s upbringings. Luckily my name was chosen last as everything was finished right on time…. I would have failed otherwise.


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