Slovak Mountain Man joins Patreon – SMM Eps. 50

Howdy do ladies and turds, in today’s episode the Slovak Mountain Man joins Patreon! So here is everything you need to know about supporting me directly through this awesome site. As well as a few fun facts about myself but I’m excited to see what opportunities the future may hold. So Thank You for not only over 5,000 followers but for the continuous support since 2010. Visit the Patreon Page below if you want more information or still have any questions.

My Patreon:

My Journey to the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds Symphony | Animation Story

Come along in today’s lovely animated story as we experience the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Symphony with the Chicago Orchestra. Be it newcomers like me or returning fans, twas a swell time all around. But it wouldn’t be Downtown without buses running late, getting lost in the city, and random bamboozlers stopping you for donations…. all found in this here video.

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Growing Up with Smash Bros | Animation Story

You read that correctly, from the December 7 2018 release day to the upload date here… it took me over 9 Months to create this in-depth Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review. Here’s my Animated Story Intro on how I got into the Super Smash Bros franchise, that I used during my Smash Ultimate Review. I’m reuploading this separately as it seems some people won’t even click on a video if it’s too long. Let l\alone if it isn’t related to the GameBoy Story in some way, despite the fact I’ve been sneaking tales in almost every video. I put alot of work into that Review, so maybe this will convince them otherwise to at least give it a chance.

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